i'm ba-ack! [in a non-creepy way]

summer is officially over.
the kiddies are back in school & i am officially a lunch-packin, homework helpin, school mom.
still weird. ha!

here's a few projects i snuck in over the summer (and some right before my break)...
reeve had a friend design all of her watercolored graphics. turned out amazing!
making my job all the more fun, too. check out www.reevewrites.com. she's a great singer/songwriter.

a book cover i designed! on amazon! so fun.

a full shop/blog branding package for www.thelilcupcake.net :)
a sweet little change of address card
(speaking of which, i really need to get one of these out myself.
don't wanna miss out on my favorite happy mail of the year! christmas card season is SO close. eeee!)
and a rad invite for mr. jude dude's shower. love this mama!
so, there you have it.
officially back in business (during nap time. hehe.) starting NOW :)
i'm booked up for the next couple weeks, but am taking new orders for my wait list. YAY!
contact me with any questions.