hello, 2014!

hi! hello! hi!
i'm feeling chipper & motivated in this new year :)
excited for things to come with this little business o' mine.

here's some work from last year that somehow never got posted.
ps. thanks oh SO much for all of your christmas card orders! i had so much fun & wish i could neck hug each one of you for supporting my little digital design obsession. mwah!

let's get this party started already, 2014! BOOM BABY!

the sweetest little blog for ashley, who is starting an adventure with her family in a rv. read along! so fun!
another cute design for allie, that turned out really rad. love her!
and of course, miss talia!
her blog has been a favorite from the beginning of my blogging adventures.
a new header to brighten up her space, did just the trick to keep it cheery & joyful, just like her. :)