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the process:
1. email me!
2. i will contact you within 1-3 business days. from there, i will send you a homework form & get you on my schedule.
3. i will send you an invoice for a $50 deposit (applied to final invoice). this payment will hold your spot on my schedule. for blogs, full payment is due 24 hours prior to start date. for business designs, only a $50 deposit is due in the beginning. then, upon hours billed, final payment is due prior to getting your final business files.
4. design! i will create a proof for you to peek at and we'll go through the process of making it perfect for you.
5. install! once you approve your proofs, i can code up your blog

policies/turnaround times: because my duties as a mom come first, and in order to stay on schedule with other clients, once the design process starts, i'd like to finish within 5-7 business days. this means, when i take you on, you agree to respond quickly to emails. and, for the sake of time, this means you agree to communicate in as few emails as possible, with as much info as possible. i will allow 2-3 minor changes to a blog design proof without charge. after that, any additional requests/emails will be subject to a $35 an hour design change fee, with a minimum of one hour charged. thank you for understanding! 

payment: i use paypal for all invoicing. please be sure to provide me with your current paypal email address to make the billing process efficient. all blog orders must be paid in full prior to the scheduled start date.

communicating: due to my busy schedule & family life, i am currently only communicating via email.

making changes to the proof: once you've viewed your completed proof, you'll be able to request revisions to the design. i ask that those revisions be communicated in as few emails (2-3 exchanges) as possible, with as much detail as possible. if excessive revision requests are made, there will be a $35/hour fee with a minimum of 1 hour charged.

using photos: i love to make designs personal. please make sure the photo is one that you have copyright to. we will not be responsible for any copyright violations made on the client's behalf.

all other fine print: after all is said & done, i put a small link in the bottom footer of your blog, linking to my site. this let's people know where your blog design came from. pretty please do not remove this link :)

-if you want to keep your old header image or old template, you are responsible for saving these yourself. 
-after final installation you will not be able to request that i add to or revise your blog without paying an extra surcharge for the additional changes.
-after final installation, i will take a screen shot of your blog for my portfolio. by using my services, you are also consenting to allow me to do so. ;)
-hey, molly june designs reserves the right to refuse service to any client that does not meet my values and standards or does not comply with my terms of service, but i'm pretty sure we'll get along just fine ;)

-you may not have the original psd files to your design. nor the fonts.

*all designs created by hey, molly june are not allowed to be modified in any way that adds content that may be deemed harmful or offensive to another person.

frequently asked questions:

what is a navigation bar?
a navigation bar consists of 5 links/labels that goes horizontally, directly under your blog header. examples might be: home, about me, shop, blogs i love, etc. whatever you fancy! for some of these you'll need to make pages...which brings me to the next question :)

how do i create pages?
login to blogger.
you'll see your blog name with 3 boxes directly to the right of it.
[an orange box w a pencil inside, a box w stacked papers, and a box that says 'view blog.']
click on the downward facing arrow next to the box with the stack of papers on it.
select pages.
create a new page for each nav bar label you'd like (minus things that have a direct, you don't need to create a page for home, your shop link, your email address, etc.)

what qualifies as a sidebar label/button?
good question. you get two of these in the whole shabang package. most people like a picture of themselves, and then possibly a 'follow me' button or something. but the options are endless, really. other ideas might be blogs i love, archives, a sponsors label. additional buttons can be purchased for 12 bucks.

what in the heck is a social media set?
well, let me tell you :)
this is anything social you have goin' on.
could be facebook, pinterest, twitter, contact, instagram...and a ton more.
you just need to provide me with the links to it all.

can i get the psd files of my designs?
no, you may not. sorry.

do you save my files for future use?
not necessarily. if you want them saved, we can talk about it. there might be a fee involved.

how do i change my blog post fonts/colors, etc.?
login to blogger.
go to the same box with the stack of papers next to your blog title (same as above in pages).
select template.
click the orange button in the middle that says 'customize.'
on the left hand side, click 'advanced.'
have at it! just make sure to save as you go!

i don't like the placement of my sidebar buttons. how do i move them around?
same as above, but instead of template, you'll select layout.
drag the buttons where you'd like them, save arrangement, & voila!

can I make changes to my design or layout AFTER you've installed the design?
you can change the layout & move around buttons as much as you'd like. you may never, however, add elements on top of my designed elements (header, button, etc.). that would be stealing. once we have installed your design you will not be able to request any changes to your design without further payment. you will have the ability to change/add/move the blog elements around yourself though, but at your own risk.

i bought a blog header, can i use my own skills & make it into something else (another header, an etsy banner, a logo, etc.)?
no. unless you buy an actual logo design, you do not have permission to use my designs other than where they are placed at time of payment. you can not cut up a header to make something for yourself. not fair to me, but thanks for asking.

will my widgets/buttons/sidebar items transfer over to my new design?
yes, i only edit the design/layout portion of your html code, so all of your content will still be there when we're through. it is your responsibility to remove any unwanted buttons, etc before we begin. i always recommend backing up your blog before changing anything though.

can i keep my current header and/or my current blog design in case I want to use them again?
yes, however it is your responsibility to save those items prior to the process.

can i view my design while you work on it or before you install it?
yes, i’ll let you know when your proof blog is ready to peek at. i'll send you the link as soon as i'm ready.

do you create designs for wordpress or typepad?
at this time i am only creating designs for blogger blogs. i can, however, create blog elements for you to install yourself if you use another blog publishing service.

and now, hand on your heart, you say...i, ___________, hereby PROMISE to abide by your rules, or else...still thinking on this one. but it won't be pretty.
say it. SAY IT!